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Homes in Atlanta for victims of Katrina's Journal
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Homes in Atlanta for victims of Katrina's LiveJournal:

Monday, September 26th, 2005
1:10 pm
New Orleans Lives
I've just started an forum in support of New Orleans which covers various New Orleans items including books music relating to New Orleans.
It also has general sections for books, movies, tv series and general chat. It's a very new forum and I'm looking for people to help me find more info about New Orleans and also pictures. Please join New Orleans Lives here.

Sunday, September 4th, 2005
7:11 pm
Links Updated
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been posting the links list I created at http://www.livejournal.com/community/katrina_links/

I've been getting some great feedback and even more helpful links to add. To keep the list updated, I've posted the list on my personal website and you can view the updated list at:


Some links that people have suggested are so swamped that their servers are down, but I will keep checking when they will be up and running, and link them then.

Thanks for all your help!
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
3:27 pm
I just talked to my Mother who lives on a farm. She will offer fencing jobs to anyone who can put in fencing. Unfortunately it's heavy labor and hard work but, for someone who can handle it, she will pay well. She knows other people on farms that need heavy labor as well and is willing to help facilitate that.

Starting in mid-November my Mother will have plenty of jobs available. She runs a horse and carriage company. She will need carriage drivers and ground help.

Ground help does require some lifting and physical work- carrying buckets of water, mucking up behind the horses etc. but anyone in fair physical condition should be able to do it even without previous knowledge of horses. They would only need to be older then thirteen for this position.

For carriage drivers the person would have to be over 21 and have a good deal of knowledge about horses. So if anyone is still in town by November and needs to pick up cash my Mother can give them steady work for November thru the end of the year.

She also pointed out that she has a large farm so if anyone needs a place for animals, large or small, she can put them up.

I can be contacted via livejournal or e-mail for any questions on this post.

1:09 pm
What I can offer
My partner and I can offer to help the refugees in Georgia in the following ways-

We are willing to deliver cooked meals that can be frozen or eaten as is, to other people's homes who are in a position to put up those in need of a home. I am a vegetarian and am well versed in making meals around dietary restrictions- wheat free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or raw foods diet etc. I can also cater to the dietary needs of children, pregnant and/or nursing women.

We do not have any items to donate but I am the queen of cheap so if people need to buy clothes, household items or food and have some money I can help them stretch their money out as much as possible. I know where all the cheapest thrift stores and food marts are. I know which neighborhood is most likely to have the best and cheapest furniture or clothes at yard sales etc. We would be willing to drive or marta around with people to assist them in replenishing their lives with any money they may eventually receive. This may of assistance to anyone that has room to house people but does not have the furnishings to make people comfortable.

I am a nanny with ten years experience. I can help out with kids of any age.

We also have a truck for retrieving donations and getting them where they need to go.

This is what comes to mind as things that we can do to help. If there is any other ways please let us know via e-mail or live journal.

10:27 am
Katrina Links
Katrina Links

I have creasted a community with some helpful links at the following:


Thursday, September 1st, 2005
5:02 pm
plea for help on behalf of all Gulf Coast and New Orleans residents
I drafted this yesterday on my way out of the storm affected areas. PLEASE forward this to anyone, everyone you can think of. Friends, family, individuals, corporations, national and internation news media. Also, if you feel so inclined, feel free to print out copies of this and hand them out to friends and family or even post them up in your hometown.

Additionally, I'd like to ask you to contact your congresspeople and state representatives immediately and tell them to get more national guard and law enforcement officials down there ASAP. The stories I'm hearing from friends and friends of friends who are stuck in New Orleans and even in Baton Rouge are horrifying, it's turning into complete anarchy.

I am writing to plea on behalf of all residents of the Gulf Coast region, from Louisiana to Florida. I am one of the lucky ones – I braved the storm and got out to be able to tell about it. I grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi but have lived and worked primarily in New Orleans for the last four years. Some friends and I evacuated that city late Saturday night to stay in Gulfport where we felt safer from the storm surge and flooding. Eight of us rode it out in my mother’s home, listening to and feeling the roaring winds and rains for almost 12 hours. Our back porch roof was ripped off completely, and the roof over our kitchen was punctured, leaving the kitchen in shambles from the effects of wind and rain. We count ourselves lucky, the house is still livable and everyone who stayed there is safe. My mother’s business and entire source of income, however, is completely destroyed. All of my friends from New Orleans have given up hope of salvaging their homes and possessions. Several friends, including my boyfriend’s father, are still stranded in New Orleans. My boyfriend and I were able to make it out of Gulfport to the nearest open airport, which was Baton Rouge, to fly north to help his company relocate and continue to do business. He is one of the lucky ones – he still has a job. When we left my mother’s house there was absolutely no communication in or out of the area, and we barely knew the status of Biloxi, the next city over, let alone much information about New Orleans.

I implore you, I plead with you, and I beg you, HELP US. Millions of people are homeless, without the basic necessities of life, or worse yet, hurt or dead. Many of these jobs and homes will be irreplaceable. The majority of these people have no way right now to ask you for help themselves. I’m sure they won’t mind me requesting assistance on their behalf. Last year I felt the effects of the tsunami in Southeast Asia from the other side of the world. Myself and many of my friends donated what we could to help with the relief efforts there. All we can do right now is hope that the people of the world will be as generous towards us as we tried to be for those who suffered through that tragedy. I am begging you, do what you can and put yourself in our shoes. Please know, I have seen friends and neighbors banding together to help each other make it through this experience. I will be the first to condemn those who are seen looting useless personal property, but please understand that those who have been left behind are forced to do what they must to survive at this point. They cannot do much without outside help. This is what we need from all of you so urgently at this time. Please don’t let us down – we can’t make it without you.

Mallory Whitfield
August 31, 2005

3:17 pm
Basement apartment in Decatur
We can offer a basement apartment in Decatur, within walking distance of MARTA. 1 BR, bath, kitchen/living, including basic furniture. Unfortunately, it has no air conditioning and we would need help cleaning it out (which shouldn't be a terribly big chore).

Can house a couple with 1-2 children willing to sleep on the floor (queen-sized bed). Sorry...no single men or pets. Must be accommodating to our large dogs. Not handicapped accessible. Payment based on circumstance.
2:34 pm
Suches, GA
If so, I have a place for someone to stay. It is a garage apartment but would only accommodate a couple or a couple with no more than one or 2 children. No pets. Minimal charge to cover utilities or Free. However, it is in the North Georgia Mountains (Suches, GA).

Contact myndsweep @gmail.com for info.
2:10 pm
Buford, Georgia
I have an extra bedroom or a living area downstairs with a pull out sofa. Since I have several kids, two dogs and two cats, I would be willing to help out a couple w/o kids. I live in Buford, about 40 miles north of midtown Atlanta. Would be willing to help anyway that we can.

Contact myndsweep @ gmail.com for more info.
1:50 pm
room for one
I have a very small room available which could hold one person (it's tiny though, so only one).. email deathrockadrya a yahoo d0t k0m if this could be of help to someone displaced from New Orleans. i wish i had more space.
1:39 pm
Grant Park
From social_piranaha:

My partner and I have a spare bedroom furnished with queen futon and small dresser and closet. We also have basement storage space. However, the basement is pretty musty and has been broken into twice- so take that with a grain of salt. We are located in Grant Park, which is in central Atlanta, not too far from downtown, in a residential neighborhood next to a big, beautiful park. We are very close to bus and not too far from rail. We have 2 cats and would prefer no more pets but may be willing to make an exception for the right critter. We have central heat & air and email access. Also, we are big ole dykes, so no haters please!

Please email us to work out a deal. We are willing to barter!
social_piranha1974 @ yahoo.com
11:51 am
How to
If you need a place and you want to try to find a place in Atlanta, please post how much space you need, if you have pets, etc.

If you have a place in Atlanta, please post in the kind of space you have, your terms for renting the space, how much, if pets are allowed, etc.

I am going to try to get a website with a database set up later today.

Please give the link for this community to anyone who you think could use it.
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