Vyviane (vyviane) wrote in katrinahomesatl,

What I can offer

My partner and I can offer to help the refugees in Georgia in the following ways-

We are willing to deliver cooked meals that can be frozen or eaten as is, to other people's homes who are in a position to put up those in need of a home. I am a vegetarian and am well versed in making meals around dietary restrictions- wheat free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or raw foods diet etc. I can also cater to the dietary needs of children, pregnant and/or nursing women.

We do not have any items to donate but I am the queen of cheap so if people need to buy clothes, household items or food and have some money I can help them stretch their money out as much as possible. I know where all the cheapest thrift stores and food marts are. I know which neighborhood is most likely to have the best and cheapest furniture or clothes at yard sales etc. We would be willing to drive or marta around with people to assist them in replenishing their lives with any money they may eventually receive. This may of assistance to anyone that has room to house people but does not have the furnishings to make people comfortable.

I am a nanny with ten years experience. I can help out with kids of any age.

We also have a truck for retrieving donations and getting them where they need to go.

This is what comes to mind as things that we can do to help. If there is any other ways please let us know via e-mail or live journal.

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